Friday, April 15, 2011

Match-it 3D Cupcake cards

Make beautiful cards with Match-it® 3D Cupcake cards

Thursday, March 24, 2011

doodey Laser-cut Cupcake Wrappers

Present your decorated cupcakes with these Cupcake wrappers. These wrappers have been laser-cut from pearlescent board. There is no glue needed to close the wrapper.
Available in different themes. 1 set contains 3 cupcake wrappers and labels to write a personal message on.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Diverse techniques te create cards with doodey Peel-off outline Stickers

Here you see several techniques that you can use to create your cards and scrapbook pages.

Technique with Peel-off stickers: Sticker colouring.

Step 1
Start colouring your sticker sheet using craft markers and let the ink dry for some seconds.

Step 2
Gently peel off the coloured sticker and stick on your card.

Step 3
Experiment with colour gradients for a metallic rainbow effect.

Technique with Peel-off stickers: Cutting away.

Step 1
Stick your outline sticker onto a card and cut out the inner sections.

Step 2
Cut out your object and layer on a piece of contrasting card.

Step 3
Use 3D-foam or 3D-glue for a 3-dimensional effect.

Techniek met peel-off stickers: Sticker op transparante sheets.

Step 1
Peef off your outline sticker and stick on a piece of transparent sheet.

Step 2
Turn around this sheet and start colouring the different parts on the back.

Step 3
Let your sticker float between a hole in your card and let the light shine through.

Technique with Peel-off stickers: Sticker inlay colouring.

Step 1
Stick your outline sticker onto a card and start to color the leftovers.

Step 2
Gently take the leftovers with a pincette and inlay the outline sticker.

Step 3
Finally cut out to use the object onto your project.

Visit for more techniques and hand-made greeting cards with doodey peel-off stickers.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doodey Embroidery Stickers

Another innovative craft product by Doodey!
Transparent stickers with unique gold or silver patterns to stitch.

This extensive range of Embroidery Stickers have been designed using the luxurious Double Embossed technique, incorporating carefully placed dots.

These dots are then used as a guide tot help you create beautiful embroidery patterns. There is no fast rule as to how you stitch your patterns.
Because the stickers are created
using a transparent background,
one of the most commonly used techniques is to mount your sticker onto a piece of coloured paper.
You can recognize Doodey Embroidery Stickers by it’s gold or silver needle.

First, place your sticker onto a a piece of coloured paper.

Using a pricking tool, make intial holes were all the dots are.

If you want a fuller effect just use more strands.

Start stitching the dots to create a pattern you like most.

Try different colour threads. Don’t be affraid to experiment.

Finsish off by cutting around the sitcker and sticking to your card.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doodey double embossed Stickers

Doodey invented a production technique to create double embossed stickers.

These transparent peel-off’s have unique engraved details in gold or silver that will give a special sparkling effect in light.
Double embossed stickers are easy to colour and will give you infinite possibilities.

Double embossed stickers 10 x 23 cm are available in trans-parent gold or transparent silver and go within creative sets such as Match-it. Match-It is an unique way to layer these transparent stickers on top of a printed paper. Match-It will let the stickers come to life.
Visit for the complete range of double embossed stickers.

You can simply recognize doodey Double embossed Stickers by it’s ©MD number.

Luxury Stand easy cards XL

Assortment with 6 Stand-Easy cards packed per piece.

Each set contains:
1 laser-cut card size A5 in luxury brown pearlescent board.
1 laser-cut cardlayer size A5 in luxury pink pearlescent board.
1 3D-decoupage sheet by Natasja.1 3D-knipvel door Natasja.
1 Easel for cards.
1 piece of luxury brown pearlescent board ideal for text stickers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

doodey Scrapbook Stickers

Doodey's Scrapbook Stickers are big sticker sheets packed per piece.
These transparent Peel-off stickersheets in size 20 x 23 cm contains engraved details in silver or gold (Double embossed). These engravings give a sparkling effect in (sun)light. That's why you can not compare these stickers with ordinary peel-off's.

Each sticker sheets contains a popular theme such as: wedding, verses, christmas, alphabet, baby born and picture frames. We have good news for you! This assortment is still growing.

These bigger designs are ideal to use on Scrapbook pages, but they will also stand out on your handmade greeting card. You can also use these stickers to decorate bottles, candles and presents.